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If you are feeling anxiety and you go to a psychiatrist then he may prescribe you an ant anxiety medicine that will slow down your nervous system and decrease your mental activity. In this way you will not feel anxiety because these medicines will slow down your Central Nervous System. Usually the medicine prescribed by most of the physicians is Valium. This medicine is used worldwide. Most of the psychiatrist trust on this medicine and prescribe it to their patients. However it has to be noted that besides having some positive points Valium has some side effects too. These side effects have been reported over the years by users of this drug.

The function of Valium is slowing down CNS; it slows down mental activity by affecting gamma – amino butyric acid in your brain. This is a neurotransmitter. Such neurotransmitters are communication cells between body and brain. All signals from body are transmitted via these neurotransmitters. Different neurotransmitters have different functions in terms of signal processing. GABA is such neurotransmitter that decreases brain activity and this is the main point in it. By decreasing your brain activity you can decrease anxiety level. Hence you can get yourself out of trouble instantly.

Different CNS depressant medicines work in different way. The basic purpose of such medicines is to increase GABA activity because if GABA activity increases the mental activity decreases and it produces drowsiness and some such effects that slow down CNS system and patient feels better. Such process is very beneficial for anxiety patients as it allows them to relax and sleep so that they don’t feel anxious any more.

If you are suffering with sleep disorder then this medicine is Valium is also helpful for you in this case. Some other medicines are also available in the market that can be prescribed to patients to treat anxiety but Valium is supposed to be the most effective one.

Although Valium has many good effects but beside these good affects it has some bad effects for patient’s health too. It is highly recommended to use this drug only as prescribed. If you have any doubt in your mind then goes and consult your doctor instead of making a self decision about your medication. When a patient first starts taking Valium is as anti anxiety medicine then you will feel drowsiness. Keep this point in mind as this condition will sustain for some days.

You don’t have to worry about this situation as it is just an effect of medicine that you are using. If you will keep using this drug for a long time then naturally body will develop tolerance for this drug and in future you will need excessive dose. This is one the side effects this medicine has. Using this drug for a long time makes you dependent on this drug and there is a possibility that you will have to use this drug for whole life. You must keep above mentioned things in your mind when you are suggested to use Valium as anti anxiety drug.

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